Feel confident that you have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of manual therapies. Utilise anatomy and movement knowledge to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes.




Complete the Core Skills Workshops online series. Five modules broken down into bite size videos. Learn about everything from client assessment to self care.




Take your time to look through our complete resource archive. Topics covered include client assessment, planning, treatment and self care.




Join us for our Core Skills live workshop series. Cover many of the topics from the online series in these weekend seminars, including the assessment and correction of your treating posture plus learning how to perform self care exercises. Nothing beats hands on teaching and interaction.

An image from a practical demonstration of foam rolling at a massage professional education event

Massage Professional Education


Do you want to keep up to date with your professional development? Stay up to date with our weekend workshop events and don’t miss out on your chance to learn with Trent.

Image of Trent Knights explaining a theory of strength vs flexibility

Massage Professional Education


Want to earn professional development points from the comfort of your own home? Check out this section.

You can bolster your underlying knowledge, massage skills, assessment skills plus self care and client care.

Image of Trent Knights demonstrating correct massaging posture mechanics

Clinical Massage Treatments


You have learnt from us, now get a treatment from us. Head over to the Acupuncture Works page to check our appointment schedule and see our large selection of client care content.

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Videos & Resources to Improve Your Practice


This video is part of our members only Self Myofascial Release video series.Watch this video and learn how to use a spikey massage ball to release the upper back and traps.

This skill can be used by you or taught to your clients as part of their self care.


This is another video from our members Self Myofascial Release Series. This video teaches you how to stretch your chest muscles whilst laying on a foam roller.

The full video series is available in our members area. Sign up today!


Watch this video to learn about a series of muscle postural activations that can get you back into a perfect anatomical position.

Try them, your body will love you for it.

These activations each have a specific video in the members area with detailed descriptions on how to perform them.



Popular Courses

Improve your fundamental principles

Core Skills Online Workshop #1

Fundamental Principles

This is for new therapists and seasoned veterans alike. All the information you need to get a great table setup, proper posture mechanics and the strength necessary to perform safe and effective manual treatments.

Learn to assess, treat and provide self-care for hip and lower back conditions.

Core Skills Online Workshop #2

Lower back and hips

Learn and refresh how to assess the hips and lower back through postural assessment and movement assessment. Discover a range of therapy options for the treatment of pain related hip and lower back conditions


Core Skills Online Workshop #5 – Upper Limb

Learn about a range of upper limb conditions, from assessment to treatment. This workshop includes orthopaedic testing to easily distinguish each condition.

Coming Soon.


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Feel confident that you have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of manual therapies. Utilize anatomy and movement knowledge to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes.

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